Haomei is a reliable 3003 aluminum sheet manufacturers in China, the thickness is 0.2-8mm, width of 300-1950mm. Currently, the most popular application for lithium-powered batteries is electric vehicles. The outer casing of the automotive power battery requires a soldered package to protect the internal electrode material and prevent electrolyte leakage. Therefore, the quality of its packaging material is very high, not only the airtightness is good, but also has a certain degree of pressure resistance. The traditional material can not meet the rapid development of power batteries, and the 3003 aluminum sheet has good adaptability to the automotive power battery casing.

3003 aluminum sheet manufacturers

Used as the power battery case, 3003 aluminum alloy has the advantages of:
1, Good heat dissipation compared with steel;
2, Good ductility
3, In line with the call of the market, the demand for lightweight vehicles, the density of aluminum is 1/3 of iron,
4, Aluminum has strong corrosion resistance, so aluminum is the best choice.

High-quality 3003 aluminum sheet is not only used for battery casing, 3003 aluminum alloy  material has good formability, very good corrosion resistance and weldability. It is commonly used in the manufacture of power battery casings, cookware, food storage devices, transportation equipment in lightweight vehicles, or tanks, silos, sheet metal pressure vessels and pipes. The product of 3003 aluminum sheet manufacturers has many advantages such as good surface, good plasticity and pressure resistance for stamping parts, models, tanks and shells.