08 Nov 2019
November 8, 2019

Prime quality 2mm aluminium sheet

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As a new type of durable and corrosion-resistant raw material, 2mm aluminium sheet has been widely used in various fields. As an aluminum sheet purchasing company, if you want to purchase prime quality aluminium sheet, the professional aluminium sheet manufacturer must be the first choice for purchasing, because the quality of the aluminium sheet 2mm will affect the quality of finished product. Therefore, when we are selecting the aluminum sheet product, we should pay attention and check the quality of 2mm aluminum sheet carefully.

2mm aluminium sheet

1, the surface quality problem of aluminum sheet 2mm

When we purchase the aluminum sheet, we will definitely see the surface quality of the aluminium sheet. First of all, from the packaging point of view, there must be no outsourcing damage or leakage, bumping, high damage, etc. Check the surface of the aluminum sheet to see if there are sticks, scratches or flatness problems.

2, the thickness tolerance of 2mm aluminium sheet

When there is no problem in the aluminum sheet package and the surface quality problems. We have to measure the thickness tolerance of the aluminum sheet 2mm. We mainly measure three aspects of the thickness tolerance. First, the thickness is commonly used by micrometer mechanical micrometer to measure, to ensure the accuracy of the measuring instrument, to ensure that the thickness tolerance is within the scope of our requirements. The second to measure the width of aluminium sheet, this is also very important point, if the equipment requirements of aluminium sheet manufacturers are strict, then it is certainly that the aluminum sheet will not too long or wide. Therefore, the requirements on this point are particularly important, and it is absolutely impossible to make products appear in factories with more than two millimeters or less than two millimeters. Point 3, regarding the diagonal of the aluminum sheet, this point is also particularly important. Whether the diagonal of the aluminum sheet meets the requirements of the national standard, which determines the quality of the 2mm aluminium sheet, that is, the flatness of the aluminum plate.