29 Jan 2023
January 29, 2023

Dark Grey Anodized Aluminum

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Dark grey anodized aluminum is a kind of common seen color anodized aluminum product which applied to our daily life. Besides of grey color anodized aluminum, we Haomei Aluminum also produce red anodized aluminum, gold anodized aluminum, white anodized aluminum, blue anodized aluminum, bronze anodized aluminum and so on. The dark grey anodized aluminum and other color.. read more →

18 Jan 2023
January 18, 2023

Champagne Anodized Aluminum

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Champagne anodized aluminum is a favoured anodized aluminium series with light weight, high strength, waterproof, anti-fouling, fireproof, anti-corrosion, good processing performance and long service life. Besides of champagne color anodized aluminum, there are also other colors, the common seen are silver, black, gold, bronze, blue, red, grey and so on. Haomei Aluminum is one of the professional manufacturers.. read more →

09 Jan 2023
January 9, 2023

Diamond Plate For Front of Trailer

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The diamond plate for front of trailer is a diamond aluminum tread plate, aluminum grade of 3003, temper H18. The aluminum diamond plate used for the front of enclosed trailer is light weight, high flatness, high bending strength, compressive strength, and high peeling strength, which can well alleviate the impact of stones on the road on the trailer. The.. read more →

When it comes to marine grade aluminum plate, 5083 aluminum plates are the most familiar ones. Marine aluminum plate is a new field of research and development and application of aluminum plate products. At present, 5083 marine grade aluminum for ship building has become an important indicator to measure the comprehensive strength of aluminum sheet manufacturers. So.. read more →