28 Apr 2024
April 28, 2024

16 Gauge Aluminum Sheet

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16 gauge aluminum sheet is a kind of aluminium product that are common used on the market,, it is also known as 5mm aluminum sheet. The aluminum sheet 16 gauge has excellent lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant properties, so it has a wide range of applications in several fields. For example, 16 ga aluminum sheet is commonly used in construction materials, shipbuilding, and automotive parts, all of which require certain mechanical properties and strength.

16 gauge aluminum sheet

Why does a 16 gauge aluminum sheet equals to 5mm aluminum sheet? How to converse thickness of gauge to mm? First, we need to understand the conversion between gauge and aluminum sheet thickness. Gauge is a unit used to describe the coarseness or thickness of a metal wire, screen or other material. For aluminum sheet, the relationship between gauge and thickness is not linear, and different standards may have different conversion formulas. Typically, the relationship between gauge and thickness is inversely proportional, i.e., the larger the gauge, the smaller the thickness. To simplify the problem, we can use a common empirical formula to approximate the thickness of an aluminum sheet: thickness (mm) = 0.127 × (36 – gauge)^0.5. This formula is based on some common aluminum sheet standards, but note that it may not be applicable in all cases or to a specific aluminum sheet standard. We can then convert the resulting millimeter thickness to centimeters. The result of this calculation is that the thickness of a 16 gauge aluminum sheet is 5.08 mm. Please note, however, that this is only an approximation based on an empirical formula and the actual thickness may vary depending on the standard and manufacturing process of the aluminum sheet.


16 gauge aluminum sheet has a wide range of applications in several fields due to its excellent physical properties and processing characteristics. Here are some of the major application areas:

Construction field:

In the construction industry, 16 gauge aluminum sheet is often used as exterior decorative panels, ceiling materials and curtain wall materials. It not only provides a beautiful and generous appearance, but also has excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance, which can resist a variety of harsh climatic conditions. In addition, aluminum sheets can also effectively insulate sound and heat, and improve the comfort of the building.


In the field of transportation, especially in automobile and shipbuilding, aluminum sheet 16 gauge is favored for its lightweight and high strength characteristics. It not only reduces the weight of the body or hull and improves fuel efficiency, but also enhances structural strength and safety.

Electronic industry:

In the electronic industry, 16 ga aluminum plate is commonly used to manufacture electronic equipment shells and heat sinks. Aluminum sheet has good thermal conductivity, which can effectively help electronic equipment to dissipate heat and maintain its stable operation.

Home Decoration:

In the field of home decoration, 16 gauge aluminium sheet is often used to make furniture, doors, windows, decorative strips and so on because of its metallic texture and easy processing. It can add modernity and fashion to the home space.


Overall, with its excellent performance and wide range of applications, 16 gauge aluminum sheet plays an important role in many fields such as construction, transportation, electronics and home decoration. Whether used as a structural or decorative material, it offers excellent performance and aesthetic appearance.