6061 Aluminum Tread Plate

6061 aluminum tread plate is strong, lightweight and is used to provide protection and traction on high traffic areas. 6061 aluminum tread plate is an AL-Mg-Si alloy, because of the addition of Si, the performance is better than that of the 5000 series Al-Mg alloy, which can meet more stringent requirements.

The 6061 T6 aluminum tread plate has the highest corrosion resistance of all the aluminium that have been heat treated. It is an alloy that has been formed with silicon and magnesium. It has a lower strength than other comparable aluminum, but is still widely used. This is partly due to its corrosion resistance and partly due to its excellent mechanical properties. There are a variety of ways you can form 6061 aluminum, such as through machining and welding. The machinability rating of this alloy is 90 percent. It also has great joining capabilities. If needed, this product can be anodized or have other coatings applied.

The applications 6061 aluminum alloys are frequently used for include base plates, truck components, marine fittings, marine components, marine hardware, electrical connectors, electrical fittings and camera lens mounts. This is only a few of the wide array of applications this alloy is used for. It also has the capability to be used for heavy duty structures that need corrosion resistance and good weight-to-strength ratio.

Technical Parameters of 6061 Aluminum Tread Plate

Typical alloy:6061 aluminum tread plate

Main ingredient(%):Mg:0.8-1.2 Si:0.40-0.8 Cu:0.15 Ti:0.15 Mn:0.15 Cr:0.04-0.35

Materisl status:H*2、H*4、T4、T6



Pattern: 1 bar, two bars, three bars, small five bars, large five bars, and diamond.

Typical product: High-altitude spiral staircase, building (floor) platform design, reservoir, refrigerator, freezer, air conditioning

Application of 6061 Aluminum Diamond Plate

1.6061 tread plate main alloying elements are magnesium and silicon, which have excellent corrosion resistance, so they can be used in places with high corrosion or rust and corrosion. For example, in extremely humid environments such as reservoirs and refrigerators, the service life can be more than 50 years.
2. Because of its high strength, it has strong bearing capacity. For the hanging space, where the staff needs to step on it, you can safely choose the 6061 aluminum tread plate with a thickness of not less than 6.0mm, which can ensure the safety of the staff to the utmost extent.

3. It has a variety of beautiful patterns, among which the aluminum tread plate with willow-shaped is widely used in the design of the building (floor) platform, which is very decorative and can also meet the anti-slip requirements of the architectural design.

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Advantages of 6061 Aluminum Tread Plate
1. 6061 aluminum tread plate has strong corrosion resistance and no stress corrosion cracking tendency.

2. In the production process, the columnar crystal structure of the ingot is less, the grain is fine, and the forging ability is strong.

3. Adopt mature anodizing treatment technology, so that the surface of the 6061 aluminum tread plate has the same color and beautiful appearance.

4. 6061 tread plate has excellent weldability, including gas welding, arc welding, contact spot welding and wire welding.

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Hot treating and cold working can also be used for 6061 alloys. When in the annealed state, cold working can be easily performed, creating an end product that is cut, stamped, drilled, deep drawn, bent or tapped. These can all be achieved using standard cold working methods.

When heat treating this alloy, thorough heating should be done at 990 degrees F, and then be water quenched. For precipitation hardening, the metal should be placed in 320 degrees F for 18 hours, air cooled, then placed in 350 degree F for eight hours, and then air cooled again.

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