11 Apr 2022
April 11, 2022

Triple Grip Aluminium Sheet

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The triple grip aluminium sheet is an uncommon product in the aluminum checker plate derivative product series. At present, there are only application cases of triple grip aluminum sheet in fire trucks, and the rest are ordered by foreign users. The height of the pattern on the surface of triple grip aluminum sheet is low, but.. read more →

06 Apr 2022
April 6, 2022

Aluminum Substrate PCB

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Aluminum substrate pcb is a unique metal-based copper clad laminate. PCB aluminum substrate has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation properties and mechanical processing properties. The PCB made of aluminum substrate 1100 H18 sheet has good heat dissipation operation, which can reduce the temperature, improve the power density and reliability of the PCB product, and prolong the service life.. read more →

02 Apr 2022
April 2, 2022

Aluminum For Vehicle License Plate

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We HAOMEI ALUMINUM offer prime aluminum for vehicle license plate with pure aluminum 1100 grade and accurate thickness. The vehicle license plate material is made of aluminum material with a thickness of more than 1.0mm, the aluminium for license plate can be produced in coil and sheet type. The vehicle licence is made of 1100 aluminum.. read more →

29 Mar 2022
March 29, 2022

Aluminum Sheet For Barn

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The aluminum sheet for barn product supplied by Haomei Aluminum are 3003 alloy and 5052 alloy applied to barn siding and roofing parts. The application of aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate metal for bran and granary is more common, one reason is the reduction of cost and high cost performance, the other reason is that its advantages are becoming.. read more →

25 Mar 2022
March 25, 2022

Caravan Roof Sheeting

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The caravan roof sheeting refers to the color coated aluminum sheet applied to the roofing of caravans. Haomei Aluminum is an experienced manufacturer of caravan aluminum sheet and trailer aluminum sheet product. Nowadays,  the floor, side, roof and rear of the caravan are made of aluminium sheets. This ensures higher driving comfort and better driving dynamics… read more →