In the lighting market, energy efficiency determines the quality standard. Lighting products made of mirror aluminum sheet for lamp can increase energy efficiency by up to 30%, and high-efficiency lighting concepts make energy-saving efficiencies as high as 50%. The mirrored aluminum lamp body is made of rust, oil, rust and electrostatic powder coating, which is beautiful and.. read more →

Color coated stucco aluminum plate also called as color coated embossed aluminum plate, the common seen embossed patterns on the surface are orange peel and rhombus/diamond pattern, the surface coating are fluorocarbon and polyester paint, the paint has various colors like white, black, red, green, blue, gray, yellow, gold and so on. The specification of color coated stucco embossed aluminum.. read more →

The high quality dc cc produced aluminum sheet alloy 3003 is a representative rust-proof aluminum alloy of AI-Mn. Due to the addition of manganese, the 3003 aluminum alloy is stronger and more resistant to corrosion than pure aluminum. The 3000 series aluminum-manganese alloy is a non-reinforced aluminum alloy that has undergone heat treatment because it has.. read more →

The decoration and reflective effect of the china mirror finish aluminum plate is well known on the market. The alloys used in mirrored aluminum plate are 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100 and 3003. How to extend the use effect and service period of mirror aluminum sheets requires people to pay attention to many aspects, only to pay.. read more →

The anodized aluminium sheet alloy is widely used in household appliance panels because of its light texture, easy processing, high durability, wide application range, good decorative effect and rich color. Household appliance manufacturers use aluminum sheet alloys to be colored and oxidized to produce various decorative sheets as decorative materials. In addition, the anodized aluminum sheet can be.. read more →

Everybody know that, the quality of the coated aluminum sheet in stock is directly related with the processing technology. Nowadays, on the market, the roll coating and powder coating are the common seen process method of the color coated aluminium. Between them, the roll coating method can ensure high quality of the final product. The surface.. read more →

Among the 1000 to 8000 alloy series, the 7000 series aluminum alloy is a heat treatable alloy, belonging to the aircraft series, and belongs to a relatively high-end field in aluminum sheets. The 7075 aluminum sheet is a representative product of the 7000 series, it is aircraft aluminum sheet with aluminum magnesium zinc copper alloy, can be heat treatable, has super hard.. read more →

A capacitor is an element characterized by storing charge and providing electrical capacity. Its basic structure is a dielectric between two electrodes, plus a protective package. According to the classification of packaging materials, there are two main types of capacitors, one is a molded case capacitor, and the other is a metal case capacitor, the.. read more →

The polished aluminum mirror sheet alloy 3003 are recognized by consumers in the market, and the reason why it has extensively application has a very obvious relationship with its unique advantages. Mirror aluminum sheets can be seen in some make-up brands or in interior decoration. So what are the unique advantages does the polished aluminum mirror.. read more →

12 Nov 2018
November 12, 2018

Aluminium sheets for aircraft 7075

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The aircraft industry is regard as the most advanced industry, and the requirements on the aircraft part is very strict. The 7075 and 7005 are the most common use aluminum alloy in aluminium sheets for aircraft. Today our topic is 7075 aluminium sheet, 7075 is an aluminum alloy with zinc as the main alloying element,.. read more →