As aluminum sheet is the most widely used aluminum product in the market, the quality of aluminum sheet becomes the most important aspect in producing process. For many people do not know how the aluminum sheet is produced, and today let Haomei aluminum to reveal the aluminum sheet production process for you, so that the.. read more →

Nowadays, atmospheric pollution is a big problem in environmental protection, so energy conservation and emissions reduction is the theme problem of the car-makers’ efforts to break, according to the data shows, every 1% decrease of the car body weight, the fuel consumption decrease by 0.6% – 1%. Aluminum has small density, corrosion resistance and other characteristics,.. read more →

After set up in 1997, Haomei aluminum have grown up for 20 years, with the hard work of our CEO, COO and all the staff, Haomei aluminum have gained a lot harvest and honor. Start from only 5 person’s team to more than 100 staff today, we Haomei aluminum have been one of the best.. read more →

Aluminum roofing sheet also known as Corrugated aluminum plate, pressed aluminum plate, corrugated aluminum sheet or aluminum tile. It is one of the commonly used products in building, currently it is more and more popular, and has a tendency to replace stainless steel and iron plate. Do you want to know the reasons? Let us.. read more →

Firstly, aluminum plate sheet means aluminum material which has the thickness of above 0.2 mm and under 500 mm, the length between 200 mm to 16 m. And the same to aluminum alloy, aluminum plate sheet has models from 1000 series to 8000 series with different alloy content and physical, chemical performance. The common models.. read more →

02 Jun 2017
June 2, 2017

6000 series sheet aluminum

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The 6000 series sheet aluminum mainly contains Mg and Si element, so it combines the advantages of 4000 series and 5000 series sheet aluminum. 6061 aluminum sheet is the representative model of 6000 series sheet aluminum, which is a cold treatment forging aluminum product, so it is widely used in area which have high standard of.. read more →