Haomei Wins Multiple Honors

Recently, at the 2023 Conference of Alibaba, Haomei Aluminum won 15th Anniversary with Alibaba honors, further highlighting their outstanding position in the industry. This 15th Anniversary with Alibaba honor is a recognition of our companies’ outstanding contribution and leadership in the field of aluminum industry by using Alibaba platform. As a leader in the Aluminum processing industry, Haomei Aluminum have been committed to technological innovation and product quality improvement, making significant contributions to the development of the aluminum processing industry.


In addition, this 15th Anniversary award is a recognition of the company’s rich experience in the aluminum field for exporting, and also shows its active role in promoting the technological progress of the industry. Meanwhile, Haomei Aluminum awarded the honorary titles of “Quality partners”. They won this honor by virtue of excellent performance and outstanding contribution in the aluminum sheet, aluminum foil, aluminum circle, color coated aluminum, aluminum tread plate industry. These honors are not only the affirmation of these enterprises and individuals, but also the recognition of the whole aluminum processing industry. These honors will inspire more enterprises and individuals to devote themselves to the development of the aluminum processing industry and jointly promote the progress and innovation of the industry.


In short, these honors further highlight the strength and influence of the aluminum processing industry in China. We expect more enterprises and individuals to make greater achievements in this field in the future, and make greater contributions to promoting the sustainable development of China’s aluminum processing industry.