The 7000 series aluminum is the strongest material in 8 series aluminum alloys. In particular, the 7075 aluminum plate is a super-hard aluminum, which is the ideal material for manufacturing aircraft. The price of 7075 aluminum is relatively higher than pure aluminum, so it is generally used for aviation. 7075 aluminum covers the advantages of 7000.. read more →

The 7000 series aluminum sheet is the best series of eight aluminum alloy series, representing the highest level of current aluminum sheet production process. The most representative product of the 7000 series aluminum can be said 7075 aluminum sheet, which has high strength and high hardness. The main alloying elements of the 7000 series aluminum.. read more →

23 Apr 2018
April 23, 2018

7075 aluminum sheet plate in Haomei

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7075 aluminum plate sheet is the typical product of 7075 aluminum alloy. 7075 aluminum belongs to and is the most widely used aluminum grade in the 7000 series aluminum alloys. In 7075 aluminum alloy, the main aluminum and zinc metal elements account for 90% and 5.6% respectively. The others are magnesium accounts for 2.5%, copper accounts.. read more →

07 Dec 2017
December 7, 2017

Knowledge about 7075 aluminum sheet

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7075 aluminum sheet belongs to Al-Zn-Mg-Cu series super hard aluminum, it is a kind of cold treatment forging aluminum alloy with high strength, super hardness which is much better than that of soft steel. The temper of 7075 aluminum sheet is manly O, T8, T651, T7451an so on. The thickness is 1.0- 800mm, the width.. read more →