24 Feb 2018
February 24, 2018

Aluminum closure sheet for bottle caps

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Bottle cap also called bottle closure, is an important part of packaging, but also the contact place of consumers and product, the beauty appearance of the cap is very important. The aluminum cap can maintain the product airtight and stable quality, and also has anti-theft function, so the aluminum cap is widely used in cosmetic.. read more →

In the 5000 series aluminum embossed sheet, 5052 stucco embossed aluminum sheet is the most widely used grade. Different from pure aluminum alloy series, 5000 series have more metal elements which add more application fields, 5052 aluminum alloy has Zn of 0.1%, Fe of 0.4%, Cu of 0.1%, Mg of 2.2-2.8%, Si of 0.25% and.. read more →

1050 aluminum is industrial aluminum with AI content of not less than 99.5%. The 1050 aluminum alloy has the characteristics of good electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity and beautiful appearance. Stucco embossed aluminum plate can also be called aluminum embossed sheet, it belongs to the aluminum plate products after rolling and forming a variety of.. read more →